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 See ALL your SASSIE shops with MegaLog!

Hello, JobSlinger Plus member! By now, you should have all your SASSIE accounts connected to your JobSlinger Plus account in SASS-Master (see instructions in our last email).

SASS-Master makes it easy to view your shops for any one SASSIE account by clicking on the "LOG" link. But what if you have lots of shops across multiple SASSIE accounts? Do you have go "click-crazy"??

Of course not! Just turn to MegaLog, our totally cool all-your-SASSIE-shop-logs-at-once feature!
MegaLog brings all your shops together in one place.  With MegaLog, you get:


  • A preview section on Command Central that shows you the current calendar year's shop log counts: completed shops, upcoming shops, and shops that need attention.  Click the View link to see the full MegaLog!

  • A sortable list view that displays all shops for a specified time period.

  • A calendar view that displays a one-month calendar with all your shops for the month.

Want more information on a shop in MegaLog?  Just click on the shop for links to all the shop details: pay, due dates, guidelines, report form, scheduler contact form, and Google maps!
To get to MegaLog, go to Tools -> MegaLog or click the View link in the MegaLog area of Command Central.

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