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Find new companies to work for with ReachOut and Recruiterator!
If you're like most mystery shoppers, you're always looking for new companies to work for.  JobSlinger Plus has two great tools to connect shoppers who want work with the schedulers who are looking for them: ReachOut and Recruiterator!

Be the go-to shopper with ReachOut!
Have you ever seen a desperate scheduler?  It's not a pretty sight!  Sometimes schedulers have shops that they have to fill, and they just can't find anyone -- often because it's a last-minute shop, or because there aren't many shoppers in the area.  At times like this, schedulers need to reach out and find shoppers who aren't already in their system!

ReachOut allows you to sign up to receive email notifications whenever a SASSIE scheduler needs to fill shops in your area.  Here's how it works:
   1.  You sign up for ReachOut.
   2.  A SASSIE scheduler "reaches out" by sending a job posting to all ReachOut shoppers near a certain zip code.  Schedulers using ReachOut can't see names, email addresses, or any other personal information -- all they know is how many shoppers they're emailing.
   3.  You get the ReachOut email, and if you like the shop, just click the link!  This takes you right to the SASSIE system where you can sign up for the shop!
To sign up for ReachOut, go to and check Yes to receive ReachOut emails.  That's all there is to it!

Sign up with new mystery shopping companies with Recruiterator!
"I want SASSIE companies!  Gimme MORE SASSIE companies!"  Ever since we released JobSlinger Plus, that's what shoppers have been telling us -- and we listened!  Recruiterator provides you with a list of SASSIE companies that are actively seeking new shoppers -- plus links that make it easy for you to sign up using SASS-Express!
To sign up with new companies, go to the Recruiterator section of the SASS-Master page at  The listing in only a PARTIAL listing of SASSIE companies that accept SASS-Express registrations -- many more are also seeking SASSIE shopppers!

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