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Power Shop Searching: Finding the shop YOU want!
Greetings, JobSlinger Plus member!  We hope things are going well for you, and that you're finding the shops you want.  To help you out, we thought we'd give you some more information about how JobSlinger Plus searches for shops, and how you can customize YOUR searches to find exactly the shops you want!
You may not know this, but you don't have to wait for emails and texts to see the shops on JobSlinger Plus – you can search them any time, using the Advanced Search feature.  To do a search, click the Advanced Search link at the top of the screen.  This takes you to the search page:
On the search page, you can choose several different options


  • Choose a distance and zip or postal code to search for shops close to a US zip or Canadian postal code (or click the Search by State/Country link to search for all shops within a US state or Canadian province).
  • Choose a class and category.  This is useful if you're only looking for certain types of shops, such as retail or fast food (but be careful – many schedulers don't bother to select a category, so their shops are posted as "Other").
  • Choose a minimum pay amount.
  • Choose only recently posted shops ("Posted in past ___ days")


Try selecting some options and clicking Search.  When you've seen your results, if you want to try another search, just click the New Search tab.

"Hey, this isn't very useful – there aren't many (or any) shops on here!"


When you start playing around with the settings on the Advanced Search page, you limit the number of shops that match.  The more settings you select, the fewer shops will match.  For example, on a recent search, we found:


  • 467 shops within 30 miles of zip code 02111
  • 260 shops within 30 miles of zip code 02111 that were categorized as Retail
  • 10 shops within 30 miles of zip code 02111 that were categorized as Retail and that paid $60 or more


Here's the deal: we don't have a magic secret stash of fine dining shops at Ruth's Chris that pay a $300 reimbursement plus a $100 shop fee (but if you use the Advanced Search and find any – hey, let us know!).  Does this mean that Advanced Search isn't useful?  Just the opposite – you can use the Advanced Search to do "live" searches as described above, and to find out what search settings find the shops you're interested in!

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