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One-Click Shop Searches with Targets and Target Express!
Greetings, JobSlinger Plus member!  in our last email, we showed you all the different settings you can choose when searching for shops with SASS-Watch.  Once you find a search that you like, you can save it as a Target. Targets can be used to do a quick search, just by clicking on the Target icon at the top of the screen, and also to send you shop notifications with SlingMe
To save your search settings as a Target, click on the MyTargets link in Command Central (or go to  You should already have three Targets that we created for you: Near Home, Big $$ and SASS-Watch (and you may also have an old JobSlinger target too, if you had a JobSlinger account). 
To create a new Target, click on the Add Target tab.  Enter your favorite search settings, just like you did in SASS-Watch -- then select Email or Text in the SlingMe section.  Give your Target a name and select an icon color, then click Save.  Your new Target is now ready for use, and will send you email or text notifications, depending on the option that you selected.

Want to see the shops that match a Target? Look for the Target icons at the top of the screen -- see the number underneath it? That's the number of jobs currently in our database that match that Target! Now try clicking on the Target icon to see a listing of shops. You can always log into JobSlinger Plus and click the Target icons to see what's available -- but by using SlingMe, you can have those same shops emailed or texted to you!


For more information on creating and editing Targets, see our JobSlinger University tutorial at


One-click from anywhere with Target Express!

Once you've got your Targets set up, you can use Target Express  to view ALL the shops that match ANY of your Targets with one click -- from any web browser, even from your cellphone!  Just bookmark the Target Express link on the Command Central page.  You can find the link by looking for the Target Express icon:
Clicking on this link shows you the results of ALL your Target searches combined!  Every JobSlinger user has their own unique Target Express link -- and by bookmarking yours in any web browser, you can view ALL your shops with one click, even from your cellphone!

Want to learn more?  View ALL of the orientation emails HERE!