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SASS-Sync: keep all your SASSIE accounts up to date!

Greetings, JobSlinger Plus member!  By now, you've probably explored most of JobSlinger Plus's features – but have you tried SASS-Sync yet?  It's one of our most useful tools for shoppers with SASSIE accounts – particularly if they've got lots of SASSIE accounts!


SASS-Sync allows you to update the profiles of all your connected SASSIE accounts with your JobSlinger Plus profile settings.  Need to change an address or phone number?  Without SASS-Sync, you need to go to every SASSIE account and change it – with SASS-Sync, you can update them all with one click! 


To use SASS-Sync, click the SASS-Sync link in Command Central (or go to  Check the checkboxes next to the settings that you want to update, and click the Sync checked settings button to sync all your SASSIE accounts!


For more information on using SASS-Sync, see our JobSlinger University tutorial at


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